New Year’s Resolution

I have this habit of buying things and never using them. This is usually because I am worried that they are too special for everyday or that somehow I will ruin them. So I save them for an occasion worthy of them. These items include nude Stuart Weitzman heels bought for a wedding and not worn since, a gorgeous coffee table book stored away in a drawer, and pretty much anything white.

But this year I have made a promise to myself to use these neglected items as often as possible. I actually put this resolution into practice a little early, starting with a gorgeous Rachel Zoe handbag bought in February last year which has since stayed in its dustbag in my closet. In late December I told my sister of my plan to start using it and she insisted I take it out that very day.

Since then my Rachel Zoe Charlotte bag has gone everywhere with me, even to a barbeque. It has certainly brought me more enjoyment in the past 2 weeks than in the 10 months it was in my closet. See the thing about special items is that you feel great when you use them. I hope you will share this resolution and start enjoying what you have now.

xx Michelle

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