The 10 Piece Challenge

Following on from my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to set myself a little challenge. I selected 10 favourite pieces from my summer wardrobe and resolved to wear only these pieces for 2 weeks.

I recently read about this concept of decision fatigue, which is the idea that simply making decisions impairs your ability to make further decisions. So I thought this challenge would serve a dual purpose, to put my new year’s resolution into practice and reduce decision fatigue.

Far from feeling restricted I found the experience liberating. With the addition of a few key accessories, a go-to hairstyle (I was working a low side ponytail), and a streamlined make-up routine (moisturiser with SPF, taupe eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara and a bright lip colour), I always left the house looking polished and together.

These 2 weeks took place over the holidays so obviously when you are going to work every day people will notice the repetition, however I still think it is a useful (and fun) exercise. So why not try it for a week?

My 10 pieces were:

Blue/white striped T-shirt

Navy T-shirt

White T-shirt

Black draped skirt

Blue cuffed shorts

Denim shorts

Chambray shirt dress

White/navy striped T-shirt dress

Red/white print wrap dress

Green silk dress

Plus some key accessories:

Rachel Zoe handbag

Tan wedge sandals and nude ballet flats

Gold men’s style watch

Gold spike necklace

My beloved Kerry Rocks Cherise ring

xx Michelle

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