Shop Your Closet: The Next Level

I am going on a trip to the UK in a few months and am looking forward to buying my favourite UK labels – Jaeger, Reiss and Whistles. But to justify that I need to be careful with my spending until then. So I have decided to institute a spending freeze – to go without buying any clothes or accessories for 3 months.

This means I will have to rely on shopping my closet, a concept which I covered in an earlier post. It’s not going to be easy but I’m up for the challenge. If you want to join in taking Shop Your Closet to the next level,  I have devised a couple of ways to get the best out of this experience.

Take the opportunity to make do and mend. Pull out any garments you haven’t been able to wear because they require mending or alterations and get on with it. Alternatively you could re-model something you already own. Check out the blog a pair & a spare, in particular the project gallery for inspiration. I think an asymmetric wrap skirt would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Make a wishlist – they are fun to create and control impulse buying. When you create your wishlist you give yourself time to mull the purchase over. Sometimes you like something when you first see it but if you don’t find yourself thinking about it in the days that follow – it’s not worth spending your money on. Wishlists work particularly well with online shopping, many websites like Shopbop, even feature a wishlist function where you can store items instead of in your shopping cart.

Rather than feeling restricted by my spending freeze, I am excited  to be  more creative and put extra thought into what I want to invest in. And of course I will keep the fashion and style advice and inspiration coming with this blog.

xx Michelle