How to Pack

I just got back from Hawaii and thought I would take the opportunity to share some packing tips with you.

On trips like this one when I know I will be shopping, I like to take two medium sized suitcases and split my packing across them, leaving plenty of room for my purchases.

My tip to making the most of your space is to use resealable plastic bags, when you squeeze all the air out you can effectively vacuum pack your items. This also has the added benefit of protecting your clothes from leaking beauty products.

I used to fold my clothes but this trip I decided to try rolling and it definitely creates less wrinkles. But make sure while you are rolling, the garment doesn’t bunch or fold as this will create wrinkles.

The other new technique I tried was to pack the garments for each day’s outfit together in one large bag. That way each morning I could just grab that day’s bag and not have to rummage around my suitcase looking for things.

Happy packing for your next trip!

xx Michelle


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