I’m Back!

So I had to take a little break from my blog. I recently left my job and needed some time out to reset. The only social media I engaged in was posting pics from my holiday on instagram. Keeping up with social media can be draining and it’s important to engage in a way that is positive for you. I have found that instagram is particularly good for this.

A while back I changed who I was following on instagram. I was following a lot of designer brands and fashion bloggers, which was fine but when I scrolled through my feed, I mainly saw things I wanted to buy and super slim bloggers who I couldn’t always relate to.

Then I started following Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham) and other models from Lane Bryant campaigns (@candicehuffine@preciousleexoxo@denisebidot).

This led me to find heaps of body positive accounts and models whose names I didn’t know but who I recognised (@mahaliahandley@helloemmasanders).

I ended up unfollowing a lot of accounts and following all the body positive accounts I could find. Now when I scroll through my feed I see gorgeous, sexy women of all body types and ethnicities, along with positive, inspirational words (and some stuff I want to buy). Now my feed boosts and invigorates me.

Soon after this happened I read Jes Baker’s book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” (@themilitantbaker) and she suggests something similar. So if you aren’t totally loving your instagram feed then this could be something for you to try.

Here are some other body positive instagram accounts I follow, to get you started: