Minimalism Challenge 2017

Lately I have been feeling a pull towards minimalism. For me, having a lot of things isn’t luxe but loving what I have is.

An obvious place to start was my wardrobe. In recent years, I have gotten better at choosing pieces that I wear often and editing my wardrobe seasonally. I donate most of the culled pieces to charity. This year I wanted to refine my wardrobe even further.

The goal was a carefully curated selection of 20 pieces (including shoes and bags). If you have a lot of clothes but only wear the same pieces over and over, why not pull out these pieces and sell or give away the rest? Try the Minimalism Challenge 2017.


When choosing your 20 pieces it may help to use the following criteria:

Do I feel good in it?

Do I feel like I look good? Is it comfortable? Skirts or dresses that are too short and you keep self-consciously pulling them down, need to go. As do any tops or dresses that gap and you constantly need to check you haven’t come undone. Anything you can’t relax and breathe in, should also go.

Will I wear it often?

Think about whether you would wear the piece in an average week. While it’s great to have a go-to outfit for a night out, the bulk of your wardrobe should be able to be worn on any given day. Similarly, you should consider your preferences. If you are more comfortable in trousers then include more of these than skirts or dresses. As a general rule, you should have at least as many tops as bottoms, to maximise your outfit options.

Do I love it?

Does it reflect the life I want to live now? This is important because your personal style develops and evolves. If you feel good in a piece and will wear it, then you probably like it, but you still need to weed out borderline pieces. These are pieces you feel good in and will wear because of that, but you may be bored by, or they do not “spark joy” as Marie Kondo calls it in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. These pieces do not belong in your life anymore.

Your 20 pieces will not be the same as mine but it may be helpful to know what I chose. My 20 pieces for Summer 2017 are:

  1. Go-To Dress: Black T-shirt style dress in shimmery pleated fabric.
  2. Fashion Top: Black off the shoulder top with ruffled neckline.
  3. Relaxed Shirt: White striped silky shirt.
  4. Plain T-shirt: Grey V-neck T-shirt in textured fabric.
  5. Decorative T-shirt: Blue striped T-shirt with “Capri” on it.
  6. Lightweight Blazer: Pink unstructured blazer.
  7. Camisole: Black silky lace-trimmed camisole.
  8. Classic Top: Navy and white striped top with three-quarter length sleeves.
  9. Pencil Skirt: Black bandage style, knee-length skirt.
  10. Shorter Skirt: Black lace, fuller style, above the knee skirt.
  11. Textured Skirt: Grey knit midi skirt with side splits.
  12. Denim Shorts: Black denim above the knee shorts.
  13. Jeans: Medium blue wash skinny jeans (not too tight).
  14. Everyday Shoes 1: Nude slim loafers.
  15. Everyday Shoes 2: Nude dressy sneakers.
  16. Heels: Black medium height heels.
  17. Tote Bag: Yellow structured tote.
  18. Crossbody Bag: Red crossbody.
  19. Shoulder Bag: Black quilted shoulder bag with gold chain strap.
  20. Everyday Watch: White/Gold rectangular face with navy leather strap.

I hope you enjoy choosing your 20 pieces and your streamlined wardrobe helps you to live better.

xx Michelle

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