Beauty from the Inside Out by Bobbi Brown

This is my first book review on the blog but I’m planning for it to be a regular post. Just so you know, all the books I review will have been purchased by me and I will give you my honest thoughts.

I follow @justbobbibrown on instagram and when I saw her latest book, I was immediately drawn to the cover. I loved the fresh, glowing makeup on the model and how the turquoise background popped. It’s a gorgeous book and one you will want to leave out where it can be seen. But it’s not just a coffee table book, there’s plenty to dig into and learn.

Although I have read widely on nutrition and wellness, so was already aware of some of the ideas covered, I still enjoyed having them pulled together in one book. For those who are new to these topics, the book presents them in a very approachable way. As I expected, the sections on makeup and makeovers are excellent. Bobbi is, after all, an expert on the subject. I also appreciated the range of women interviewed and models photographed.

My favourite genre of books is memoir and biography, so I couldn’t help but wish there was more about Bobbi herself, but maybe that’s for another book.