Minimalism Challenge 2018

This time last year, I chose 20 pieces (including shoes and bags) from my wardrobe, to wear during the summer.

I decided to do it again this year but now that I mostly work from home, I thought I could challenge myself further by getting it down to 10 pieces of clothing and 5 accessories. I only have to go into the office one day a week, so first I selected 2 outfits to wear on a fortnightly rotation. I have not included these in my 15 pieces.

If your work clothing is quite different to what you wear in the rest of your life, you could create two capsule wardrobes. Select an outfit for each day of the work week and keep these pieces exclusively for work. If you have plenty of options to choose from, then you can select enough outfits for two weeks of work. This is what I used to do, before I started working from home.

You may be uncomfortable with the idea of your colleagues seeing you in the same outfit several times a month, but you will get used to it. The certainty and ease with which you will be able to get dressed for work, will be freeing.

My criteria for my 15 pieces were:

Do I feel good in it? Do I like the way I look wearing it? Is it comfortable? Remember confidence comes from feeling good.

Will I wear it often? Think about whether you would wear the piece in an average week. The bulk of your wardrobe should be able to be worn on any given day.

Do I love it? Does it reflect the life I want to live now? This is important because your personal style will develop and evolve.

My 15 pieces are:

  1. Gingham wrap blouse
  2. Black sheer shirt
  3. Black off the shoulder top
  4. Red T-shirt
  5. Grey T-shirt
  6. Black sleeveless dress
  7. Coral pencil skirt
  8. Black mini skirt
  9. Light wash skinny jeans
  10. Dark wash boyfriend jeans
  11. Red tote bag
  12. Black shoulder bag
  13. Black flats
  14. Black slip-on sneakers
  15. ???

I decided that two bags and two pairs of shoes was enough. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to see what’s missing and choose my 15th piece accordingly.

If you decide to set yourself a wardrobe challenge, I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment.

xx Michelle