Happy New Year!

You know I love a new year and I am so ready for 2019. I’m relieved to turn the page on 2018, which feels like it was tough for everyone. Last year was huge for my personal development, so even if my soul is a little bruised, I’m grateful for the evolution.

One of my discoveries, was Cara Alwill Leyba who is an author and life coach. Her podcast Style Your Mind has become my go-to when I need to reset and raise my vibe. In a recent episode she suggested creating a celebration list for 2018. I thought this was an amazing idea. It’s easy to get caught up in resolutions and goals, which can make us feel deflated, especially if what we want was also what we wanted last year.

Creating my celebration list for 2018 gave me perspective. I made some big changes last year, which I almost brushed over in my rush to set goals for 2019. By writing down what I had done I was able to see that even if I have further to go, where I am now is undeniably better than where I was a year ago.

It’s not too late to create your celebration list for 2018 and shift your focus from what you don’t have yet, to all that you have done. And after you’ve read your list, give yourself a treat. It could be buying a little something you’ve had your eye on, or simply taking a nap, to rest and recharge before you get on with 2019.

xx Michelle