Capsule Wardrobe 2019

It’s time for my annual minimalism challenge.

This year I selected 10 pieces of clothing that I could wear on any given day in Autumn. My goal is to be able to get up in the morning and get dressed in any combination of my 10 pieces, without any fuss. My capsule wardrobe is smart casual so there will be times when I will need to raid the rest of my wardrobe.

Now I’m not suggesting you choose 10 pieces and give everything else away but you can start curating your wardrobe, by choosing 10 pieces that answer YES! to the following questions.

  • Do I feel good in it?
  • Will I wear it often?
  • Do I love it?

Once you have your 10 key pieces, you can build the rest of your streamlined wardrobe around them. What other pieces do you have that could be added, to get more mileage out of your 10 key pieces? Are there dressier (or more casual) pieces that you feel good in and love but you don’t have the opportunity to wear every week because of your lifestyle? These can be your go-to outfits for when the occasion arises.

The ultimate goal is to have a wardrobe that is an expression of who you are within the constraints of your lifestyle. But the more immediate goal is to eliminate the scramble. No more trying on multiple outfits and ransacking your wardrobe.

My 10 Pieces for Autumn:

  1. Blue boxy t-shirt
  2. Black t-shirt with lace
  3. Black elbow length sleeve shirt
  4. Green long sleeve shirt
  5. Blue knit jumper
  6. Black cardigan
  7. Black jeans
  8. Black denim skirt
  9. Black rib midi skirt
  10. Dress

I would like to add a smart casual dress to the mix but I don’t have one yet. When you can clearly see what the gaps in your wardrobe are, you can shop to fill them.

Have fun selecting your 10 key pieces!

Happy New Year!

You know I love a new year and I am so ready for 2019. I’m relieved to turn the page on 2018, which feels like it was tough for everyone. Last year was huge for my personal development, so even if my soul is a little bruised, I’m grateful for the evolution.

One of my discoveries, was Cara Alwill Leyba who is an author and life coach. Her podcast Style Your Mind has become my go-to when I need to reset and raise my vibe. In a recent episode she suggested creating a celebration list for 2018. I thought this was an amazing idea. It’s easy to get caught up in resolutions and goals, which can make us feel deflated, especially if what we want was also what we wanted last year.

Creating my celebration list for 2018 gave me perspective. I made some big changes last year, which I almost brushed over in my rush to set goals for 2019. By writing down what I had done I was able to see that even if I have further to go, where I am now is undeniably better than where I was a year ago.

It’s not too late to create your celebration list for 2018 and shift your focus from what you don’t have yet, to all that you have done. And after you’ve read your list, give yourself a treat. It could be buying a little something you’ve had your eye on, or simply taking a nap, to rest and recharge before you get on with 2019.

xx Michelle

The Luxe Edit Gift Guide 2018

As my personal taste and style has evolved over the last 5 years, I have found myself moving away from high-end designer brands towards more accessible pieces, that are still high quality and super luxe. Here are my luxe for less gifts for this holiday season!

Reliquia Jewellery Star Sign Necklace

Reliquia Jewellery Zodica Necklace

These necklaces go with everything. They are available in all 12 signs of the zodiac and in silver or gold.

Glasshouse Merry and Bright Candle

Glasshouse Merry and Bright 2018 Pineapple Mint Fizz candle

Lighting a candle when I write helps me focus and get into flow. Although this is a limited edition festive candle, it has a pineapple, strawberry, and mint scent, so I will still be burning it in the new year.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi Device Keyboard

I was given my first iPad recently and I just ordered this keyboard to use with it. It can pair with up to 3 devices (so I can use it to type on my phone too).

Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray

Glamglow GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray

If you live (or vacation) in a warmer climate, a make-up setting spray is a must-have. I have tried many different ones and this is the best.

An Organised Life A4 Daily Planner 2019

An Organised Life A4 Daily Planner 2019

I already have a 2019 planner, but if I didn’t this is the one I would get. It is A4 size with a full page for each day, so there’s plenty of room to write your to do lists.

Happy Holidays xx

Shopping Challenge

In my last post, I wrote about my decision to undertake a shopping ban, for the month of June. I was allowed to buy consumable groceries but no new things. I knew the most difficult items for me to resist would be books and clothing.

So how did it go? June was fine, I had the impulse to buy but I was able to override it. My only slip-ups were some kindle books. I find e-books a bit of a grey area because they sit on your device and don’t take up physical space. But the truth is I have so many kindle books that I’ve bought and haven’t read. My rule of thumb has been that if a kindle book is less than $5 I can buy it, if not I add it to my wishlist. This still resulted in me buying 5 books in a month.

At the end of the month when I reflected on my spending I felt proud of myself. But then July came along and I bought some stuff. Some print books and a necklace. Sure they were all things I had been wanting for a while (rather than impulse buys) but I still felt bad.

I had to remind myself that this exercise is not about judgement, it’s about awareness. If I had already bought it there was no point in feeling guilty about it. So I’m really enjoying my purchases. I read a few good books that added something to my consciousness. And I am loving wearing my necklace.

But I want to make lasting change, so I am going to re-start my shopping ban (although I’m re-branding it a Shopping Challenge) again from 1 August through to the end of November.

I have created a list of items that I am allowed to buy during the Shopping Challenge. For example, I want to place a Sephora order for some cosmetics that I have run out of. A few of the items are out of stock so I’m waiting for them to come back in. But this list is very specific, and is designed to anticipate what I will actually use during the next four months but I don’t already have.

My main challenge is going to be books. I don’t know what happens between ordering the book and it arriving but I only read about half of what I buy. Some books I start the day they arrive and they engage me and being a fast reader I finish them in a day or two. Others I start and then put down. Some I don’t even open.

So I’m making a commitment: If I buy a book I have to start reading it the day it arrives and I have to finish it, before I can buy another book, or move onto reading a book I already have.

August I’m ready for you.

xx Michelle

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

As those of you who follow this blog know, I love the start of a new year. The hope it brings for change and the chance to move my life further in the direction I want it to go. But I have to remind myself that I can make a change at any time.

In The Year of Less, Cait Flanders takes us through her yearlong shopping ban which she started in July 2014 on her 29th birthday. During that time she also decluttered 70% of her belongings.

I appreciated and respected how open Cait was in the book, about her feelings, insecurities, and struggles. Reading about Cait’s resilience in the face of setbacks, could help you believe that change is possible. The Year of Less is an easy read. I found myself having to ration it, a few chapters a night because it had the compulsive readability of a page-turning thriller. If you are time-poor and too tired at the end of a long day to read, this book is perfect for you. It’s like checking in with a friend.

I read this book when it first came out earlier this year but as I’m writing this post and flicking through the pages of the book I’m eager to read it again. I bought the hardcover edition–a slim volume with thick pages. There was something about holding this book in my hands which reinforced the ideas contained within. It made me want to choose my purchases with more care and have all of my possessions be as special and purposeful as this book.

There is plenty to inspire you in Cait’s book but not everyone (myself included) is ready for sweeping change. Sometimes you just need a reset or a kickstart. So I have decided to undertake a shopping ban, for the month of June. I am allowed to buy consumable groceries but no new things. The main items for me to resist will be books and clothing. With my favourite retailers I always have a few wishlist items, and when there’s a sale I’m always tempted to get them. I find this type of shopping the hardest to control because I reason with myself that it’s not entirely impulsive. But in June there will be none of that.

I have tried this sort of thing before with varying degrees of success. I want to take this attempt seriously but also focus on awareness rather than deprivation. I will ask myself what is behind my need to buy this thing–am I reacting to an emotion? If I wait a day will the desire be as intense? I will let you know how it goes in my next post.

Remember, whether it’s shopping, your self-esteem, or your purpose–every day, every hour, every choice, is a chance to make a change.

xx Michelle

Minimalism Challenge 2018

This time last year, I chose 20 pieces (including shoes and bags) from my wardrobe, to wear during the summer.

I decided to do it again this year but now that I mostly work from home, I thought I could challenge myself further by getting it down to 10 pieces of clothing and 5 accessories. I only have to go into the office one day a week, so first I selected 2 outfits to wear on a fortnightly rotation. I have not included these in my 15 pieces.

If your work clothing is quite different to what you wear in the rest of your life, you could create two capsule wardrobes. Select an outfit for each day of the work week and keep these pieces exclusively for work. If you have plenty of options to choose from, then you can select enough outfits for two weeks of work. This is what I used to do, before I started working from home.

You may be uncomfortable with the idea of your colleagues seeing you in the same outfit several times a month, but you will get used to it. The certainty and ease with which you will be able to get dressed for work, will be freeing.

My criteria for my 15 pieces were:

Do I feel good in it? Do I like the way I look wearing it? Is it comfortable? Remember confidence comes from feeling good.

Will I wear it often? Think about whether you would wear the piece in an average week. The bulk of your wardrobe should be able to be worn on any given day.

Do I love it? Does it reflect the life I want to live now? This is important because your personal style will develop and evolve.

My 15 pieces are:

  1. Gingham wrap blouse
  2. Black sheer shirt
  3. Black off the shoulder top
  4. Red T-shirt
  5. Grey T-shirt
  6. Black sleeveless dress
  7. Coral pencil skirt
  8. Black mini skirt
  9. Light wash skinny jeans
  10. Dark wash boyfriend jeans
  11. Red tote bag
  12. Black shoulder bag
  13. Black flats
  14. Black slip-on sneakers
  15. ???

I decided that two bags and two pairs of shoes was enough. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to see what’s missing and choose my 15th piece accordingly.

If you decide to set yourself a wardrobe challenge, I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment.

xx Michelle

Purpose by Lisa Messenger

This book is about finding your Why or Purpose. It is my favourite of Lisa’s books, because two years ago, I discovered my Purpose. Now that I have started writing, I know I will never stop.

As Lisa says: “When I found my Why, everything changed. It seemingly happened out of nowhere, but the more I reflected on it, it made absolute, complete sense to me. It was exactly what I had been (unconsciously) building towards my entire life.”

Back in 2012, I took a few writing courses including a seminar on blogging. This led me to launch The Luxe Edit on the first of January 2013. Five years later, this blog is now where my love of writing meets my enduring interest in fashion and beauty – all from a body positive perspective.

If you are struggling to find your Why, Lisa has plenty of ideas to help you. She is open and unapologetic about wanting you to make the most of your life.

Your Why “is also a filter through which you can make decisions, every day, to act with purpose.” Although I have been writing consistently since August 2015, it has been difficult to not get distracted by everything else in my life. This book reminded me to bring everything back to my Purpose.

I hope 2018 is the year you find your Purpose, or that you make living your Purpose, your priority.

xx Michelle


Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay

“The story of my body is not a story of triumph.”

Hunger is not a weight-loss memoir but therein lies its power. It is Roxane’s struggle with her “unruly body and unruly appetites” that I connected with. Reading this book was a deeply personal experience. Often, Roxane articulated the exact thoughts and feelings I have had as an overweight person.

When you are overweight, people feel they have the right to comment on your body, to speak authoritatively on it. Like my uncle who I hadn’t seen in years who told me, in lieu of a greeting: “You have to do something about your body size.” I know this commentary isn’t restricted to the overweight and there are thin people who are judged too. Body shaming in any form is wrong. Imagine if just by looking at someone you could see they were jealous or selfish or cruel. But such flaws cannot be seen just by looking.

“I know what it means to hunger…I know that hunger is in the mind and the body and the heart and the soul.”

The source of that deep hunger is complex and unique to each person. But “people see bodies like mine and make their assumptions.” They assume that overweight people must be indulging at every opportunity, that they are unable to exercise even a shred of self-control. But like Roxane: “I deny myself so much and it is still not enough.”

I am tired of apologising for my body. “I am hyperconscious of how I take up space…as if I have less of a right to be in the world than anyone else.” But when someone bumps into me, most of the time they don’t care – it’s as if it’s the price I have pay for my body. As an overweight woman, society tells me that I should have a pretty face or be funny or be silent. I should be trying to make my body more palatable.

But I am more than my body.

One of the things that makes me feel really good, has nothing to do with my body. It is when I do something that reaches someone, when I truly connect with another person, even in the smallest way. When I leave this earth, it will not be my body that will be my legacy.

This book is for anyone who has ever hungered for something. Roxane’s story is raw and painful but it gave me hope. I don’t mean hope that Roxane or I or anyone else will lose weight. But a hope that comes from feeling seen and understood.

This story is a story of triumph because Roxane is still here, living in the world and creating. Creating words with an honesty and beauty that reaches people. And Roxane created this incredible book, living in the body she has now. Not the body she had before and not the body she may have in the future.

Let Go and Create Space

I have been carefully editing my closet on a seasonal basis for some years now (see my Shop Your Closet post). What I have not been so diligent at, is getting rid of the items I edit out of my closet. In the past, I have dropped clothes off in charity clothing bins but more recently they have sat in my attic waiting to be taken to the bins. I also had a lot of accessories and books which didn’t know what to do with.

This month I decided to get serious about finally getting rid of this stuff. Related to the ideas of minimalism and manifesting, I realised that although I had let go of these items from my wardrobe, they were still in my life. I needed to create (physical and mental) space for what I really wanted.

Having scaled back at work, I had also come to the decision that going forward I would need several different income streams. My new ventures weren’t bringing in any revenue yet, so I was looking to make some passive income.

It had been a while since I had culled all that clothing, so I went through it with a fresh eye and separated it into three groups:

  1. Items that were new (with or without tags) or hardly worn.
  2. Items in good condition that I wanted to give my friends first dibs on.
  3. Everything else.

The clothing in the first group I donated to a hospice shop so that they could sell the items and keep the proceeds.

I had three huge bags full of clothes which I gave to friends to sort through and pick what they liked from. Anything they don’t want I will donate.

The items in the third group I took straight to charity clothing bins. It took two car trips but I felt great when it was done.

That got rid of the clothes but I still had shoes, bags, jewellery and lots of books. I gave some of these items to the hospice shop but there were some that were worth decent money and I needed to supplement my reduced income.

I had thought about selling online but wasn’t sure how to do it. Trade Me (which is like the New Zealand version of eBay) is really for finding a bargain and I had tried selling jewellery on there before, without any success. Then I came across Designer Wardrobe (DW). This site is specifically for buying, selling and renting designer brand items (and some high street labels) in New Zealand and Australia.

I decided to have a go at listing my shoes, bags and jewellery. I chose the option of shipping with a DW shipping kit. This means that when an item sells, DW sends me a pre-paid and pre-addressed courier bag which I put the item in and then drop off at a NZ Post shop. The cost of shipping is subsidised by DW and the balance is included in the selling price.

A couple of hours after listing my first item, it had already sold. I have just received my shipping kit and packed it up ready to send to its new owner. It takes a while to photograph the items and write descriptions for the listings so I will keep adding more items each week.

This just leaves my books. I am kind of obsessed with books and for a long time I was only interested in print books. When a book came out I would usually buy the hardcover edition rather than wait for the paperback. For a long time my favourite genre has been memoir and biography but in the years since reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, I have gotten back into fiction in a big way. I love psychological thrillers. I buy them, read them fast and then add them to the ever-growing pile of books which I can’t fit in my bookshelves.

Last year I got a Kindle and this has helped me reduce the number of physical books I buy. I still prefer print for memoir and biography, and books with images.  But I love that I can get the latest thriller delivered straight to my device, read it in one sitting and not feel guilty about how much I spent (ebooks are generally cheaper than print) and the physical space it would be taking up.

But I still have a backlog of books, mostly fiction but also some non-fiction (particularly fashion) books, that I am ready to let go of. I seldom read a novel a second time, even if I really enjoyed it. I am planning to sell these books on Trade Me. Books are expensive to buy in New Zealand and I am a careful reader so most of my books look brand new. It would be nice to send them to someone else to enjoy, while getting back part of what I spent on them.

I hope this has given you some ideas to use yourself and I will update you on my progress in a future post.

xx Michelle

Beauty from the Inside Out by Bobbi Brown

This is my first book review on the blog but I’m planning for it to be a regular post. Just so you know, all the books I review will have been purchased by me and I will give you my honest thoughts.

I follow @justbobbibrown on instagram and when I saw her latest book, I was immediately drawn to the cover. I loved the fresh, glowing makeup on the model and how the turquoise background popped. It’s a gorgeous book and one you will want to leave out where it can be seen. But it’s not just a coffee table book, there’s plenty to dig into and learn.

Although I have read widely on nutrition and wellness, so was already aware of some of the ideas covered, I still enjoyed having them pulled together in one book. For those who are new to these topics, the book presents them in a very approachable way. As I expected, the sections on makeup and makeovers are excellent. Bobbi is, after all, an expert on the subject. I also appreciated the range of women interviewed and models photographed.

My favourite genre of books is memoir and biography, so I couldn’t help but wish there was more about Bobbi herself, but maybe that’s for another book.


The Luxe Edit: Year 5

I can’t believe The Luxe Edit is in its 5th year! From the beginning, the blog has been mostly visual – basically my own fashion magazine. But now I am focused (both personally and professionally) on writing.

With this in mind, I thought I would select some of my favourite written posts from the blog. For those who have followed The Luxe Edit since its inception, this is a chance to revisit them. If you have come across the blog more recently, then I hope you find them useful.

xx Michelle

Shop Your Closet

How to Shop Online

New Year. New You.

How to Pack

Proportion & Fit


Minimalism Challenge 2017

Lately I have been feeling a pull towards minimalism. For me, having a lot of things isn’t luxe but loving what I have is.

An obvious place to start was my wardrobe. In recent years, I have gotten better at choosing pieces that I wear often and editing my wardrobe seasonally. I donate most of the culled pieces to charity. This year I wanted to refine my wardrobe even further.

The goal was a carefully curated selection of 20 pieces (including shoes and bags). If you have a lot of clothes but only wear the same pieces over and over, why not pull out these pieces and sell or give away the rest? Try the Minimalism Challenge 2017.


When choosing your 20 pieces it may help to use the following criteria:

Do I feel good in it?

Do I feel like I look good? Is it comfortable? Skirts or dresses that are too short and you keep self-consciously pulling them down, need to go. As do any tops or dresses that gap and you constantly need to check you haven’t come undone. Anything you can’t relax and breathe in, should also go.

Will I wear it often?

Think about whether you would wear the piece in an average week. While it’s great to have a go-to outfit for a night out, the bulk of your wardrobe should be able to be worn on any given day. Similarly, you should consider your preferences. If you are more comfortable in trousers then include more of these than skirts or dresses. As a general rule, you should have at least as many tops as bottoms, to maximise your outfit options.

Do I love it?

Does it reflect the life I want to live now? This is important because your personal style develops and evolves. If you feel good in a piece and will wear it, then you probably like it, but you still need to weed out borderline pieces. These are pieces you feel good in and will wear because of that, but you may be bored by, or they do not “spark joy” as Marie Kondo calls it in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. These pieces do not belong in your life anymore.

Your 20 pieces will not be the same as mine but it may be helpful to know what I chose. My 20 pieces for Summer 2017 are:

  1. Go-To Dress: Black T-shirt style dress in shimmery pleated fabric.
  2. Fashion Top: Black off the shoulder top with ruffled neckline.
  3. Relaxed Shirt: White striped silky shirt.
  4. Plain T-shirt: Grey V-neck T-shirt in textured fabric.
  5. Decorative T-shirt: Blue striped T-shirt with “Capri” on it.
  6. Lightweight Blazer: Pink unstructured blazer.
  7. Camisole: Black silky lace-trimmed camisole.
  8. Classic Top: Navy and white striped top with three-quarter length sleeves.
  9. Pencil Skirt: Black bandage style, knee-length skirt.
  10. Shorter Skirt: Black lace, fuller style, above the knee skirt.
  11. Textured Skirt: Grey knit midi skirt with side splits.
  12. Denim Shorts: Black denim above the knee shorts.
  13. Jeans: Medium blue wash skinny jeans (not too tight).
  14. Everyday Shoes 1: Nude slim loafers.
  15. Everyday Shoes 2: Nude dressy sneakers.
  16. Heels: Black medium height heels.
  17. Tote Bag: Yellow structured tote.
  18. Crossbody Bag: Red crossbody.
  19. Shoulder Bag: Black quilted shoulder bag with gold chain strap.
  20. Everyday Watch: White/Gold rectangular face with navy leather strap.

I hope you enjoy choosing your 20 pieces and your streamlined wardrobe helps you to live better.

xx Michelle

Hello 2017!

I adore reinvention. Every new year I am excited by the seemingly limitless possibilities. No matter how tough the preceding year has been, I shake it off, read all the January issues of my favourite magazines and think about my hopes for the coming year.

In preparation for 2017 I read She Takes On the World by Natalie Macneil and the companion planner The Conquer Kit. In these books I found a whole lot of inspiration and motivation for my entrepreneurial endeavours. I have read a lot of books on career, blogging, social media etc and often feel I have not taken much new away from them. Not the case here, these books really got me thinking about what I want to achieve in 2017 and helped me to drill down with helpful and interesting exercises.

The key idea running through everything I want from 2017, is to start living on purpose. To stop waiting for “someday”. Someday isn’t good enough anymore, I’m ready now.

If you’re not feeling entrepreneurial, my other recommended reads are The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck  by Sarah Knight and Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker.

Wherever you found yourself at the end of 2016 I urge you find some inspiration and motivation for the new year. It is never too late to start living the life you want – to start living on purpose.

xx Michelle

The Transeasonal Pieces


Jacket ASOS Curve, Skirt ASOS (for similar click here) and Bag Tory Burch (for similar click here).

The weather has been pretty nice lately but I’m not ready to fully switch over to my spring/summer wardrobe. I still need a few transeasonal pieces on hand to get me through.

This relaxed, lightweight jacket is perfect. The leather look skirt is a great piece no matter the season. Right now I’m pairing it with leggings and boots but as it warms up I’ll wear it with bare legs and ballet flats. My Tory Burch bag is also convertible – you can wear the strap long or short.

What is your favourite transeasonal piece?

I’m Back!

So I had to take a little break from my blog. I recently left my job and needed some time out to reset. The only social media I engaged in was posting pics from my holiday on instagram. Keeping up with social media can be draining and it’s important to engage in a way that is positive for you. I have found that instagram is particularly good for this.

A while back I changed who I was following on instagram. I was following a lot of designer brands and fashion bloggers, which was fine but when I scrolled through my feed, I mainly saw things I wanted to buy and super slim bloggers who I couldn’t always relate to.

Then I started following Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham) and other models from Lane Bryant campaigns (@candicehuffine@preciousleexoxo@denisebidot).

This led me to find heaps of body positive accounts and models whose names I didn’t know but who I recognised (@mahaliahandley@helloemmasanders).

I ended up unfollowing a lot of accounts and following all the body positive accounts I could find. Now when I scroll through my feed I see gorgeous, sexy women of all body types and ethnicities, along with positive, inspirational words (and some stuff I want to buy). Now my feed boosts and invigorates me.

Soon after this happened I read Jes Baker’s book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” (@themilitantbaker) and she suggests something similar. So if you aren’t totally loving your instagram feed then this could be something for you to try.

Here are some other body positive instagram accounts I follow, to get you started:











The Biker Jacket

IMG_3772 (4)

IMG_3792 (3)

IMG_3762 (3)

Jacket M&S Collection Petite, T-Shirt ASOS Curve, Skirt ASOS Curve (for similar click here), and Heels Truffle Collection (for similar click here).

I wanted to style this biker jacket in an unexpected way, so I paired it with a midi skirt and heels.

The outfit is all black but each item has a different texture so it’s not flat and boring. I particularly like that the midi skirt has sheer stripes.

With a biker jacket you want the look to feel relaxed and comfortable and not like the jacket is wearing you. So wear it with a little insouciance.

Let me know what you think of this look by leaving a comment.

xx Michelle

Proportion & Fit

These terms are thrown around a lot in fashion but they really are worth knowing about, to make the most of your shape.


This is especially important if you are not very tall (like me). The way I think of proportion is that an outfit looks better if there is some contrast between the garments, for example:

  • A long top and a short skirt
  • A voluminous top and a tight skirt (or jeans)
  • A cropped top or jacket with a midi skirt


A popular piece of style advice is to “get everything tailored”. While I do recommend tailoring for special occasion or investment pieces, it’s not realistic for a lot of people or for the bulk of your wardrobe. So it’s important to get the fit right before you buy.

If it doesn’t fit right and you don’t plan to have it altered, then go without. It won’t make you look and feel great so it’s not worth it (even if it’s cheap).

Some brands are starting to understand that there are body variations beyond size and have introduced ranges to cater for this, for example:

  • Marks & Spencer Petite – designed for women 5 feet 3 inches and under.
  • ASOS Tall – but it’s not just for tall people. I like their mini-skirts which have that extra bit of length compared to the main and Curve lines.

Here is my best piece of advice with regard to fit: Don’t be afraid to go up a size. The size on the label is irrelevant – what matters is how it looks on you.

If the next size up gives you room to breathe, stops buttons from gaping, and allows you to move your arms unrestricted, then that’s the right size for you.

I personally prefer my clothing a little loose rather than skin-tight. I don’t believe in suffering for fashion. When you feel comfortable you feel more confident, and confidence is key.

xx Michelle

The Statement Piece


IMG_3631 (2)

IMG_3669 (2)

Necklace Lanvin (for similar click here), Dress ASOS, and Boots Lane Bryant.

With a statement piece you need to style the rest of your outfit around it. This Lanvin necklace is pretty major so I wanted to keep the rest of the look clean and simple. This black T-shirt dress is the perfect backdrop, with the ribbed fabric adding a bit of texture.

The boots have an over-the-knee feel to them without actually going there. I like the glimpse of skin which stops the look from being completely covered up.

I wore a similar outfit to a wine-tasting with friends, which ended up being a 12 hour affair and I felt stylish and comfortable.

Do you have a statement piece you need help styling?

xx Michelle