The Pajama Style Shirt


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Shirt Banana Republic, Skirt New Look (for similar click here), Flats Diana Ferrari, Tote Mansur Gavriel, Watch Nixon, and Earrings Noir Jewelry (for similar click here).

The key to not looking like you actually walked out of the house in your pajamas, is to keep the look polished.

To get the proportions right, I paired my shirt which has a relaxed fit and is quite long on me, with a mini skirt. Related to proportion is balance. In this case, wearing the mini skirt with flats, because I prefer a look that is subtly, rather than overtly, sexy.

To complement the “busy” stripes of the shirt, I limited my accessories to black and gold, and added a pop of red on my lips and nails. Simple but effective.

Let me know what you think of this look by leaving a comment.

xx Michelle

A New Direction

Nearly three and a half years since I started THE LUXE EDIT blog, I am ready to take it in a new direction. In recent times I had let the blog slip on my list of priorities. When I’m not working I’m writing and the blog had been coming a distant third. After chatting with some new friends over a few glasses of wine, I realised that I needed to dig deeper. If I made the blog more personal I could keep myself motivated and connect with a wider audience.

So here goes…

I was a tiny baby and a skinny kid but since adolescence I have struggled with my weight. It hasn’t fluctuated up and down so much as steadily increased year on year (apart from a brief period when I lost a bunch of weight on a fad diet and then proceeded to gain it all back and more). My weight plateaued about three years ago and I now wear a NZ/AU/UK size 18 or 20 depending on the label and style (more on this in an upcoming post).

And you know what?

I am more body confident now than I ever was at my slimmest. That’s because it’s not actually about your body but your mind. You have the right to feel good in your own skin. How your body looks has no bearing on your worth. We are all people with thinking minds and feeling hearts and that is what really makes us who we are.

But we do get judged on our appearance, and you know, fashion is fun! So I want to help you feel comfortable in the body you have, and confident in the style and image you are projecting to the world. This will enable your inner beauty, your true beauty, to shine through.

When I started THE LUXE EDIT I wanted to share my style advice but being a naturally private person, I didn’t feel comfortable photographing myself for the blog. But styling is a visual medium and I realised that the best way to help you, would be to show you. So going forward I will be sharing my outfits with you and breaking down how I’ve styled them. I will also be creating other original content intended to inspire you.

I called my blog THE LUXE EDIT because along with style advice I wanted to express my personal taste, which is unabashedly luxe. But luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. While I have some higher-end pieces, the building blocks of my outfits are affordable. I will show you how to create a look that is polished and luxurious.

So THE LUXE EDIT is aspirational but it is also inclusive

You don’t need to look like me to get a lot out of this blog. Whatever your body shape, size, ethnicity or gender identity – there is a place for you here. A place that I hope will help move you closer to self-acceptance and ultimately, self-love.

xx Michelle

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts on THE LUXE EDIT’s new direction so please leave a comment.

How to Pack

I just got back from Hawaii and thought I would take the opportunity to share some packing tips with you.

On trips like this one when I know I will be shopping, I like to take two medium sized suitcases and split my packing across them, leaving plenty of room for my purchases.

My tip to making the most of your space is to use resealable plastic bags, when you squeeze all the air out you can effectively vacuum pack your items. This also has the added benefit of protecting your clothes from leaking beauty products.

I used to fold my clothes but this trip I decided to try rolling and it definitely creates less wrinkles. But make sure while you are rolling, the garment doesn’t bunch or fold as this will create wrinkles.

The other new technique I tried was to pack the garments for each day’s outfit together in one large bag. That way each morning I could just grab that day’s bag and not have to rummage around my suitcase looking for things.

Happy packing for your next trip!

xx Michelle


The Rings of My Travels (Part 1)

I didn’t go away over the holiday season but am planning a trip for later in the year. Which got me thinking about my travels and this tradition I started back in 2007 while in Italy.

I bought myself a ring from one of the jewellery shops on the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River in Florence. The ring was a simple gold band with rounded edges and set with three small diamonds.

I don’t recall how it started exactly (whether it was a conscious decision or simply a symptom of my growing obsession with rings) but I have picked up a ring on most of my trips since.

The ring below was from Goldheart Jewel Galleria in Singapore. It is an infinity style, one band is rose gold, the other is white gold set with seven diamonds.


Au Revoir Alber

Alber Elbaz

I was devastated to hear the news of Alber Elbaz’s departure from Lanvin.

As you will know from reading this blog, Alber is my absolute favourite designer.

I wish him the very best for the future and will eagerly await news of his return.

xx Michelle

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